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Born 1973 in Turkey, Ece Temelkuran is one of Turkey’s best-known journalists and political commentators. She graduated from Ankara University Faculty of Law in 1995. She has been a journalist since 1993 and writing political columns since 2000. She published her first book (“Bütün Kadınların Kafası Karışıktır” / “Woman Are All Confused” - poem in prose) in 1994. Until the recent political oppression period that caused her unemployment she wrote columns for Milliyet Newspaper (2000-2009) and for Habertürk Newspaper (2009-2011). She also produced and presented a remarkable TV program on Habertürk Television (2010-2011).

Her investigative journalism books broach subjects that are highly controversial in Turkey, such as Kurdish and Armenian issues, the women's movement, and political prisoners. For two times she has been chosen “The most read political columnist” in Turkey. Her articles have been published on international media outlets such as Nawaat, New Left Review, Le Monde Diplomatique, Global Voices Advocacy, Al Akhbar, New Statesman and the Guardian.

She won numerous awards for her work, including the Pen for Peace Award and Turkish Journalist of the Year.

The list of major prizes of her:

  • Best columnist of the year (1998, Ankara University of Political Science)
  • Journalist of the year (1996, German State)
  • The investigative journalism of the year (1996, Turkish Doctors Association)
  • Pen for Peace Award (2001, The Journalists Association)
  • Free Thought and Democracy Award (2009, Turkish Doctors Association)
  • Ayşenur Zarakolu Freedom to Thought Award (2008, Human Right Association)

As a writer she published 12 books and two of her books; “Deep Mountain, Across the Turkish-Armenian Divide” (Verso) and “Book of the Edge” (Boa Editions) is also published in English.

She was a visiting fellow at the University of Oxford’s Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism. She wrote “Deep Mountain, Across the Armenian-Turkish Divide” (Ağrı’nın Derinliği) during her stay in Oxford. The book is a narrative non-fiction about the Armenian-Turkish conflict. It explores the Turkish consciousness shaped to see the minorities as enemies. The book sold over 70 thousand copies in Turkey and has been praised in The Guardian by Peter Preston, former editor-in-chief the paper.

“Book of the Edge” (Kıyı Kitabı) explores the process of being an adult. It is the last part of a trilogy. The other two books of the trilogy (“Women Are All Confused” and “The Book of the Inside”) are not published in English yet. The book was awarded in the United States of America as the “translation book of the year”.

Her first novel “Muz Sesleri” (Banana Sounds) has recently been published in Arabic and Dutch and is presently being translated to be published in 2013 in seven countries.

Her second novel “Düğümlere Üfleyen Kadınlar” (The Women Who Blow on the Knots) is published in February 2013, in Turkey, also published in Germany and Croatia, and is presently being translated to be published in 2015 in many countries.

Her latest novel "Devir" (Time of The Mute Swans) is presently being translated in English.

Her knowledge of languages is English- Advanced, Arabic - Beginner and French -Beginner.

The list of her books:


*Deep Mountain, Across the Turkish-Armenian Divide (Verso, 2010)

*Book of the Edge (BOA Editions, 2010)


*Was Nützt Mir Die Revolution, Wenn Ich Nicht Tanzen Kann  (HOCA, 2014)


*Zene koje pusu u Cvorove (Ljevak, 2015)


*صوات الموز (Banana Sounds) (Al-Kamel Verlag, 2012)


Bütün Kadınların Kafası Karışıktır (All Women are Confused) (İletişim, 1996 – Everest, 2008)

* Oğlum Kızım Devletim-Evlerden Sokaklara Tutuklu Anneleri (My Son, My Daughter, My State – The Mothers of political detainees, from their homes to the streets) (Metis, 1997)

İç Kitabı (Book of the Inside) (Everest, 2002)

Dışarıdan Kıyıdan Konuşmalar (Conversations by the Edge from the ‘Outside’) (Everest, 2004)

İçeriden Kıyıdan Konuşmalar (Conversations by the Edge from ‘the Inside’) (Everest, 2005)

Biz Burada Devrim Yapıyoruz Sinyorita! (We Are Having a Revolution Here, Senorita!) (Everest, 2006)

Ne Anlatayım Ben Sana! (What am I Going to Tell You!) (Everest, 2006)

Muz Sesleri (Banana Sounds) (Everest, 2010, novel)

İkinci Yarısı (The Second Half) (Everest, 2011)

Kayda Geçsin (For the Record) (Everest, 2012)

* Düğümlere Üfleyen Kadınlar (The Women Who Blow on the Knots) (Everest, 2013, novel)

* Devir (Time of The Mute Swans) (Can Yayinlari, 2015)